The Company

Compañía Reaseguradora del Sur S.A. is a local company authorised to operate in the reinsurance market in Argentina.

In this context, CRS provides reinsurance capacity to satisfy the needs of the market.

The Company operates specially in the branches of surety and aviation, but underwrites all branches of insurance.

CRS offers reinsurance products and services tailored to the needs of the client, based on financial, technical and human resources, which guarantee sound quality and service.

 The People

The founding shareholders are Jorge Seigneur, Carlos Giménez, Juan Zitnik, Marcelo Figueiras and Oscar Lentino.

Jorge Seigneur, Carlos Giménez and Juan Zitnik have a long and successful track record in the surety market in Argentina, having been involved in it for many years, and are the shareholder directors of Fianzas y Crédito S.A. Compañía de Seguros, a company dedicated exclusively to the surety business launched in 2004.

Oscar Lentino is chairman and founding partner of the ARG group S.A., an international insurance and reinsurance broker. From the start he was actively involved in the fledgling Argentine aviation insurance market, and is now an established player in the international reinsurance market.

Jorge Seigneur
Carlos Gimenez
Solange Seigneur
Hugo Giovane
Administrative Manager
Stefania Rossini
General Administration

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Compañía Reaseguradora del Sur S.A.
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C.A.B.A. Argentina
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